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Minting is live!

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At Crypto Hogs, we believe NFTs can change the world, and our goal is to join the NFT pioneers.

With the launch of our Genesis Collection featuring 5,000 Wild Crypto Hog NFTs, we will commence a journey of innovation. Our goal is to foster a community, utility and brand that will sustain a decentralised ecosystem capable of promoting a revolutionary new NFT metaverse; a place where enthusiasts can not only buy and sell Solana NFTs, but where new artists can launch their own collections without needing to write a single line of code.

And it all starts with our uniquely generated collection of 4K, high resolution Crypto Hog NFTs. Please check out our White Paper and Roadmap for more details, and feel free to check out the rest of our website.

In the meantime, we welcome you to The Wild Hog Gang.

Genesis collection

5,000 uniquely-generated Wild Hog NFTs
Standard: 4K Resolution
Launch Date: 19th of November
Mint Price: 0.5 Sol
Rarity Charts: TBC


We’ve also created a little bonus for the early minters of our Genesis Collection.

The PIGSELS are a collection of 5,000 deflationary pixel hogs. All minters of our Hogs Gang NFTs will receive a FREE Pigsel!

Pigsels will be made available for sale on secondary markets as soon as possible.


As with all good NFT projects, we are committed to making a difference in our communities and to helping causes that are special to us. We will therefore donate 10% of our NFT launch sales to Environmental and Animal Welfare charities, with ongoing donations made from royalties with influence from the Hogs DAO, once established.


Our Hogs Rarity Chart will be announced shortly - Watch this Space! All of our Hogs have been carefully hand drawn by our elite Artist NFTPete. And every image comes in high quality 4K Resolution.


Our collection will be a deflationary set of just 5,000 unique NFTs. But that’s not all.

For our members enjoyment and benefit, we will hold a regular “NFT Hog Roast” in which 20% of our royalties will be used to burn the floor until the community votes to ‘stop the burn’. And here’s the twist – at all NFT Hog Roasts, our wild Gang members will decide which Hogs must go!

We look forward to engaging with our community to make each Roast a special event, with giveaways, merchandise drops and some wild surprises for all the Gang to enjoy.


Our Hog Store will soon be open for business - exclusive merchandise will include t-shirts, hoodies, baseball caps and so much more.


The Crypto Hog Gang is a community-driven project in which holding a Genesis Collection Hog will also qualify holders for a number of ongoing benefits. These include but will not be limited to the following:

Exclusive access and privileges relating to the Next Generation Marketplace on release.

Access to early-concept NFT Staking.

Periodic Airdropping of the road-mapped Governance Token (once launched), with priority given to Genesis Collection holders.

Access to exclusive NFT airdrops, events and new projects launched by the Hogs development team and its verified partners.

Exclusive NFT collaboration and merchandise giveaways.

Deflationary tokenomics, creating scarcity and value for Genesis Collection holders over time (see Section 5 for more).

Contribution to Environmental and Animal Welfare causes, with 10% of NFT sales allocated to selected charities that may be influenced further by HDAO involvement over time.

Roadmap and Vision

  • Twitter campaign
  • Features on secondary marketplaces
  • High traffic test-runs
  • Partnerships with institutions and influencers
  • Regular Promotional Videos
  • Launch of "Genesis Collection" of 5,000 Crypto Hog NFTs
  • Listing on Secondary Markets
  • integration
  • Donation of 10% of Mint to Charity
  • Initiation of deflationary "NFT Hog Roast" events - 20% of royalties will be used to burn hogs for sale
  • Merchandise package giveaways to promote launch of online "Hog Store"
  • Launch of member-exclusive "Hog Store", featuring Hog Hoodies, phone cases, mugs, shirts etc.
  • Continuation of deflationary "NFT Hog Roast" events
  • Initiation of regular Competitions and NFT giveaways to engage new members
  • Creation of the "Hog DAO", community-backed organisation to support the growth of the Hog Ecosystem, including arrangement of partnerships and mutual investment opportunities
  • Further donation of accumulated royalties
  • Exclusive airdrops, including for holders of specific traits

Next Generation - Ongoing Development

  • NFT Staking - Staking mechanisms for all Genesis Collection members
  • Collaboration with blue chip projects and influencer on-boarding
  • Increasing animal welfare and environmental charitable partnerships using accrued royalties
  • Launch of Gen 2 and Gen 3 NFT collections

Next Generation - Final Frontier

  • Creation of a Next Generation Marketplace – supporting multi-chain transactions for the sale and purchase of vetted, high quality NFT projects, and where new artists can launch collections without a single line of code
  • Introduction of the ecosystem’s own “Mycelium Governance Token” which can be spent by holders on the Next Generation Marketplace. Some governance tokens will be airdropped to holders of Crypto Hogs as part of the benefits aimed at rewarding our loyal community, with priority given to Genesis Collection holders
  • Introduction of Virtual Gallery using VR technology

Meet the team



Designer, Entrepreneur
16 Years Experience (Poland, France)



Lawyer & Internet Entrepreneur
12 Years Experience (Sydney, London)


Social Media

8 Years Experience (London)



Blockchain, Frontend
4 Years Experience (Poland)


Social Media

3 Years Experience (Manchester)


Social Media

Marketing, Entrepreneur
5 Years Experience (Warsaw)


Social Media

Sales and Marketing
8 Years Experience (London)

Richard King


Crypto Entrepreneur
9 Years Experience (London)



5 Years Experience (Indonesia)

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